The company «Triton» was created in 1993.

The complex solutuion of an interior is our main activity.A range of our production is really wide: Kitchens, bathroom furniture, living rooms, children's room furniture, wardrobes,  badrooms,vestibules, libraries and offices, furniture for hotels and various elements of a decor from a tree. The quality, design and the price of our furniture made it popular and competitive as in Ukraine, and far away out of it limits.


Belgian novelty

28 August, 2013

This year Belgian designer Marten de Sule shown the new collection of the bureaus at the traditional Week of design. The main point of it was travelling, `cause designer was inspired by the changeless tourist bag. As a result, the world saw the new unusual furniture The Chest Of Suitcases. 


The bureaus represent the color classical bags, which are put one above another. The furniture is made under the very popular scheme: the separate bags can be joined in arbiter order, without symmetry.

Despite the unusual view, this furniture is more than functional: if you put the “bags” one above another in four species, you will have bureau of 8 drawers. If you put 8 elements in two species, you get the table or brunch. Or the very comfortable pouf.

And one more feature of the new collection is its mobility: you can move the “bags”-bureaus, tables and brunches around the flat. You can also “built” the furniture of small size for the small flat.