The company «Triton» was created in 1993.

The complex solutuion of an interior is our main activity.A range of our production is really wide: Kitchens, bathroom furniture, living rooms, children's room furniture, wardrobes,  badrooms,vestibules, libraries and offices, furniture for hotels and various elements of a decor from a tree. The quality, design and the price of our furniture made it popular and competitive as in Ukraine, and far away out of it limits.


Little table

25 August, 2013

The small wood table on three thin legs appeared at the top of the popularity, after more than half of century. First it was shown in 1956, and now it becomes fashionable again.

In the last century the table was named «Levet» (from Swedish – «the leave»), and was really looked like leave. It was light, and had elongated triangular top with rounded edges. It fit to interior perfectly and could be used for tea-parties and as a stand for some small items like vase with sweets or photo frame.       


It is believed that the table on three legs gave to designers an idea to assemble the furniture by customers and create a new flat and ergonomic packing for easy delivery.   

Nowadays the table styled in middle of the last century design is one of the “pearls” of IKEA new collection. It is made from beech and poplar and has optimal size: 51 cm height, 39 cm width and 77 cm length.    


Those who want to be in trend, but aren’t going to wait the «Levet» come in sight in furniture salons, can order the simple table of the natural wood in the company «Triton».