«Тритон» осуществляет перевозки грузовым автомобильным транспортом в и из стран Западной и Центральной Европы, России, а также междугородние автомобильные перевозки в любой город Украины, создавая оптимальные маршруты автомобильных перевозок.

Наша компания осуществляет весь сервис сопутствующих перевозке грузов услуг. К услугам заказчиков современные большегрузные автопоезда и грузовые автомобили.

Trucking geography

«Triton» realize it with auto ( Trucking industry) from and into Western europe, Central europe, RF, it also includes inercity transportation from Odessa to any other region of Ukraine, creating optimal track for transportation. We always expand our field of activity and services.

Triton is a member of ASMAP (registration number 107-D), it has ЕКМТ book and realize the transportation with MDP-TIR CAR according to the international requirements and under the international guarantees.

Today Triton gives an opportunity to transport freights by the principle DOORS TO DOORS (sender warehouse - warehouse of the recipient)

Our company carries out all of services accompanying transportation of goods. During the direct work with Customers our employees trying to optimize your transportation costs, it became possible couse of our own autopark. For costumer service we have the road trains and trucks.

Our employees always supervise the freight movement, maintaining a continuous connection and providing the safety, timeliness and efficiency of the transportation.

Our Customers can always receive a full information from our experts about the location of the freights.

You will be always consulted about the planned dates of the loading,the sending and arrival of freights in the destination.