The company «Triton» was created in 1993. The complex solutuion of an interior is our main activity. A range of our production is really wide: Kitchens, bathroom furniture, living rooms, children's room furniture, wardrobes, badrooms,vestibules, libraries and offices, furniture for hotels and various elements of a decor from a tree.The quality, design and the price of our furniture made it popular and competitive as in Ukraine, and far away out of it limits.


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    Professional designers will develop the complex solution of an interior which will underline your unique image and style.
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    Furniture production
    The furniture from "Triton" is made on leading companys equipment of the woodworking and furniture industry.
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    Joiner's production
    Joiner's production allows the Triton company not only to provide itself with preparations for production and modernization of furniture from a tree, as and to offer our clients various products from a tree.
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    Painting production
    The modern European equipment and professional paintwork materials of world leaders allows us to make coloring of products with application of various effects and to undertake performance practically any, even the most courageous projects.
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    Wood drying
    We accept an orders for drying of various breeds of wood, including exotic (a board, whetstones, preparations of various section and length) the 25-60 mm thick. Drying of wood is carried out in the convective drying camera of Coral company, Italy (the effective volume of the camera — 43 m ³). Automatic control system of drying process — the M900 controler.
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    The Triton company carries out installation and installation of the products on object. Exact installation and convenient adjustment of our products provides a high comfort of operation and long service life.