The company «Triton» was created in 1993. The complex solutuion of an interior is our main activity. A range of our production is really wide: Kitchens, bathroom furniture, living rooms, children's room furniture, wardrobes, badrooms,vestibules, libraries and offices, furniture for hotels and various elements of a decor from a tree.The quality, design and the price of our furniture made it popular and competitive as in Ukraine, and far away out of it limits.


Development of the new project is a difficult and labor-intensive process at the end of which we receive the ground brilliant at which it is pleasant to look and which you don't cease to admire. The modern equipment, and also technological department helps to go to "Triton" to a foot over time, and sometimes and to advance it.


The organization of production depends on what purposes puts before itself the company.

The most important for "Triton"is : quality, efficiency, safety. Furniture with soul - that result which all employees and the company management in every way try to provide.

Production organization

We use a technique "management of projects" that means formation of team of the project, accurate planning of time and resources, definition of the budget and risks, ensuring communications, and also the organization of appropriate control.


During existence of the company there was a professional, harmonious, friendly staff. The management of the Triton company doesn't hesitate to call the technical specialists "experts", without dissembling at all thus.