The company «Triton» was created in 1993.

The complex solutuion of an interior is our main activity.A range of our production is really wide: Kitchens, bathroom furniture, living rooms, children's room furniture, wardrobes,  badrooms,vestibules, libraries and offices, furniture for hotels and various elements of a decor from a tree. The quality, design and the price of our furniture made it popular and competitive as in Ukraine, and far away out of it limits.


How to make your kitchen more spacy.

03 December, 2013

Probably the most widely used type of re-planning a kitchen is combining it with the next room. Enlarging size of the kitchen, its transforming to dining room or multifunctional hall let create new imagination of apartment area.

Usually kitchen combines with the next room. It is possible to do it by destroying the wall between the rooms. The aperture can be decorated with an arch, somebody makes small ledge instead of the wall and fit there mini bar, set the coffee machine or microwave.

Work zone of the kitchen can be visually separated from the rest of space, by raising it to the podium. Somebody prefers to use decorative screen as "conditional border". Good solution – contrast of light furniture and dark floor. Part of the floor where placed cooker and sink are placed it’s better to decorate by ceramic granite slabs. Optimal variant of the furniture is modular system where you can place all the parts in any order.

You can enlarge the kitchen-room expensing not only the next room, but add some square metres using storeroom, part of the corridor or bathroom. Air box or sewer riser can be transformed into a decorative column.